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YouTube allows users to add only several formats to submit a comment or post. Bold and Italics are the formats YouTube will enable you to put in while submitting content or commenting on a post.

Submit A Comment In Bold

To change your YouTube comments format to Bold form, you need to include an ‘asterisk,’ or some people call that sign a star ‘ *,’ on the beginning and the end of the comment you are about to submit. You can also put in between sentences that you want to turn to Bold form. Put an asterisk at the start and the end of the sentence or word you wish to Bold.


Submit A Comment In Italic

You can also change your YouTube comments format to Italic form, and to do that, you need to insert an ‘underscore’ ( _ ) at the beginning and the end of the text, just like we showed you to do in the Bold form. As we showed you before, you can also change the format of a portion of the sentence to italic by just putting it on both sides of the word or sentence you want to be changed.

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