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It is okay to say that comments on YouTube Channels have insufficient respect as long as you are concerned about commenting. They usually are seen as pointless, offensive, and crude. You can only be a lucky YouTuber if you can find valuable discussions related to your Channel in the comment section. There are only several Channels having honest subscribers and commentators.

And for a world like today, you already know how easy it is to get into an argument. It gets considerably difficult to avoid violent language. You can also find a large number of bots that are used for marketing by leaving automated comments.

There will come a time when your mind will be annoyed by the comments posted and your Channel, and you’ll need to delete the words from the platform.

Although, there is no way that you can bulk delete comments from your YouTube Channel yet. There is only one way you can delete every comment on your Channel, and that is by restarting your Channel from fresh.


The first step is that you will have to go to your comment history page if you want to have access to every comment made or you have made. If you want to delete a comment of a single individual, find the comment, and on the right corner of the comment, click on the “three vertical dots” and tap on “Delete.”

Note There is no way to bulk delete the comments yet, and that is why you will have to repeat this process to delete every comment you want permanently deleted from your Channel.

Hiding Your YouTube Channel

Another smart way of deleting every comment on your YouTube Channel is temporarily hiding your Channel manually. Hiding your Channel temporarily removes your name, your content, in short, your existence from YouTube until you want to be back.

Coming to the point, the advantage of doing this is that when you re-enable your Channel. Compared to all the temporary changes, the deletion of the comments section will be permanent.

It is also more than enough to keep your Channel hidden for minutes and re-enabling it again to delete the comments made.

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